denelys cosmetics packagin

Brand Reveal: Packaging Design for Denelys Cosmetics

Denelys Cosmetics is a brand created by Nelly Gubanyi-Prokec, who combines French elegance and the nurturing power of natural oils

Post your photos to Instagram from your laptop or PC - so easy!

Post Your Photos to Instagram from Your Laptop – So Easy!

When I started to use Instagram a few years ago, I didn’t really care about what pics I posted –

7 books every creative entrepreneur should read

7 Books Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Read

I’ve been in love with reading and books since my childhood. I have tons of books and still cherish some childhood favorites (The Secret Garden anyone?). This summer I have read quite a lot and boy, it’s been a ride. Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying… A lot of motivation, self-reflection, healing, aha-moments.

As a creative entrepreneur and freelancer life is full of ups and downs. You have self-limiting thoughts, you think you aren’t enough, aren’t good enough, you should know more, better, differently, you should know everything and be perfect, and you should be in the flow all the time.

Forget it. Read these seven books for creative entrepreneurs.

level up your instagram game

Powerful Tips From 3 Ladies To Level Up Your Instagram Game

Selfies, photos of your kids, food you eat, your new dress, the place where you have been, your pet. This is what most people post on Instagram. (Hope I haven’t missed anything. :))

However, if you are a woman entrepreneur, you need to think your Instagram game over. If you’re struggling with how to utilize IG to promote your biz and find your target audience, here are tips from 3 ladies who do it more than right and are worth learning from.

slow website less profit - speed up your website

Slow Website, Less Profit? – How to Optimize Your Website Speed

Imagine it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and your potential client is sitting in front of her computer thinking about buying your amazing product. She types your URL into the browser and waits… waits… waits… and it’s only your header that’s loaded. She then clicks on the little red x in the top corner of the browser. Not only will she go away without ordering your product, but also never visit your site again.

And if you think it’s a story I created to shock you, you’re mistaken!

how not to start an online business - mistakes to avoid

How NOT to Start an Online Business

Doing an online biz is not for everyone.

Being an entrepreneur is so much different from having a 9-5 job.

You have to learn how to be your own boss, how to juggle the oh-so-diverse aspects of running a biz, and it’s not bad to have some like-minded friends along the way.

What mistakes can you make when starting an online business? Here’s a list.

13 ways to use styled stock photos

13+ Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos to Make a Remarkable Impression on Your Followers

In a previous blog post I showed you a lot of resources providing gorgeous free feminine styled stock images, and since then I’ve uploaded a lot of beauties to my Etsy shop too.

In this post I’ll list 13 ways you can use these styled stock photos for your biz or blog. I love how versatile these images can be!

logo types - which is the most suitable for your business

Logo Types – Which is the Best for Your Biz?

Logos are number one priority when starting a small business and designing its brand.

Your logo is usually the first thing your visitor sees, it’s on every visual element belonging to your brand: your website, your invoice, your business card, your blog post templates you pin to Pinterest, your products and so on.

Your logo is the condensed essence of your brand and everything that it represents.

For an online biz or blog it’s even more important to have an outstanding logo that visitors remember. So let’s see what types there are and which is the most suitable for your blog or biz.

how to create a media library in Squarespace

How to Create a Media Library in Squarespace

If you’re used to WordPress and take the leap and switch to Squarespace like me, you’ll miss one thing that’s very useful in WP: the media library.

The WordPress media library comes handy when you want to upload a file for download and link it in your newsletter (a content upgrade) or when you want to add a custom code in a widget with an image. You simply copy the link from the media library and you’re ready to go.

But how can you do the same in Squarespace? I needed to figure this out as I use the similar custom-code approach with the testimonials on my service pages.