13+ Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos to Make a Remarkable Impression on Your Followers

In a previous blog post I showed you a lot of resources providing gorgeous free feminine styled stock images, and since then I've uploaded a lot of beauties to my Etsy shop too.

In this post, I list 13+ ways you can use these styled stock photos for your biz or blog. I love how versatile these images can be!

13 Ways to Use Styled Stock Photos to Make a Remarkable Impression on Your Followers

How to Use Styled Stock Images?

1. Blog Post Cover (for Pinterest)

(Just like the image above.) Make sure you brand the image - you can put your logo and URL on it, and use the fonts that match your brand.

Also, the blog post title should be clear and easily readable - to achieve this, you might add an extra background layer between the image and the text or lower the opacity of the image. (This topic deserves its own blog post, so stay tuned if you want to conquer Pinterest with your images.)

2. Instagram Post

Sometimes you don't want to spend time on taking a quality photo for your Insta feed. Use a styled stock photo instead - crop it or zoom in to make it unique.

3. Header Image on Your Website or Blog

Here's how I use a flatlay on my homepage. You can make images like this personal by adding some text or your email incentive to ask people to subscribe to your list:

Kreanille Design Home Page Header

4. Ads & Banners

You can create beautiful ads or banners for your website or blog using styled stock images. Here's an example:

5. Cover Image on Facebook or Twitter

To be consistent, I use a variation of my homepage header image on Facebook & Twitter. Find some more fab ideas on how to brand your Twitter page here.

Styled Stock Images on Social Media - Facebook & Twitter cover

6. Facebook Post

On Facebook, posts with images get 2.3x more engagement than those without images. If it's right for your audience, a beautiful styled stock image can be a great solution!

7. Promo for Your digital Products or Freebies

If you have a digital product or freebie (eg. a content upgrade: cheat sheet, workbook, checklist), it's a nice way to show some pages spread on a desktop so your visitors imagine and connect to the use more easily - this way more willingly sign up or pay for it.

8. Workbook Cover

You can create badass book or workbook covers using styled stock images - see xoSarah's blog planner below. :) (It doesn't matter if they're real or digital publications - just make it appealing.)

9. Email Header

To be consistent, you can use a styled image matching your brand in your email headers too (I use my header image variation in my emails too).

Wanna use styled stock photos to make a remarkable impression on your readers and followers? Annamari shows you 13+ ways here!

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10. Etsy Image

You can use mockups that are designed especially for showing off your work. Here's Laura using one of my image frame mockups displaying her beautiful print:

Laura Amiss print

11. Blog or Website Buttons

If it matches your brand and website design, you can use an image cropped to the right size as eg. the background of your category buttons in your sidebar.

12. Show off Your Work

A free wallpaper I designed inserted in one of Rosemary Watson's beautiful styled desktop photos - wish my workspace looked like this, LOL!

13. Powerpoint Slides

You can make your Powerpoint slides unique and stylish with styled stock, just make sure they're the right choice for your audience.


You can write quotes on these images too:

15. Opt-In or coming soon Page Background

Here's my #1wkwebsite free email challenge coming soon page, created in 5 minutes.

Opt-in / Coming Soon page

How to Choose the Right Images?

When choosing your images, there are some important factors you should consider:

  • choose high-resolution, quality images - bigger size makes the use versatile (eg. you can crop several smaller images from the original or you can use the image even for print)
  • make sure the image matches your brand colors (if your brand colors are pastels, don't use images with vibrant colors)
  • the image should match your brand story as well - always try to think with the head of your visitor - would they think you took that image?
  • is the image right for the purpose you want to use it for?

Some free floral images for you!

From time to time I send free images to my subscribers or let my readers download them as a surprise, so here you go - you deserve it if you read the whole blog post. :)

A couple of days ago I went cycling with my hubby and couldn't resist these beautiful wild flowers and pink mini-roses (kinda - don't know what they exactly are :)).

Click the button below to get the photo pack of 11 images! (All images are high-res, you can use them free, but please, don't redistribute or sell them.)

Do you regularly use styled stock photos on your blog or in your biz? Share your experience in a comment below!