Brand Reveal: My Mom's a Hippie

Sometimes you get really lucky. God smiles on you. You align with the vibes of the Universe. (Delete as applicable.)

This is how I got this project.

I'm still amazed by how two people with so similar thinking could find each other from two distant parts of the world.

Amy wanted a logo for her new blog where she wants to write and teach about essential oils and natural products.

A few days earlier I used essential oils to cure my son.

Was it an accident? Still don't know. But I loved working on this project.

Brand Reveal: My Mom's a Hippie - Branding / Visual Identity by Kreanille Design

After we got in touch and started talking about what Amy wanted, I sent her my branding workbook.

She sketched two directions, which were supported by the words she chose for her brand's voice. Then we started pinning to our secret board on Pinterest to collect inspiration.

It was fascinating to see that those two directions became clear through the images as well, so I created two moodboards:

Moodboard 1- branding for My Mom's a Hippie

The first one went more to the natural direction, with some bolder colors, and a lot of green leaves.

Moodboard 2 - branding for My Mom's a Hippie

This was closer to a shabby chic style, more feminine, with the use of pink and watercolor. Amy wanted to go to the first direction (to my surprise to be honest!), but we agreed to use the illustrations from the second board.

Then I created her logo:

Branding - Visual Identity - Logo Design for My Mom's a Hippie

I also created a simpler version, which became a variation as Amy liked this one better.

Then I pulled the brand board together. I also created a little mockup for packaging.


We both were thrilled with the outcome. Amy already started to make good use of her new brand identity, don't you think? Lavender, hmmmm....

Branding - Packaging idea - Natural products