Branding Basics #1: Who Are You?

Branding. When hearing this word, most people think of a logo. What a mistake!

A logo is only a tiny piece in your brand. Your brand means much more: a promise to your customers and the expectations they have about you. It's all the experiences people have in connection with you, it's the value you provide.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.
— Jeff Bezos

When creating or asking someone to create your visual identity (which of course can shape your branding), it's utterly important to know who you are in business. Most new business owners skip this step and don't go into details deep enough.

Questions to think about the basics when starting the branding of a soaring biz

If you want a significant business and visual identity that really reflects you, take your time and collect your thoughts about who your are and why you are unique.

Here are some questions to help you:

  • What business are you in? What makes you special?
  • What is your mission? What is your "why"? (No, this is not about money, but something higher you wake up for every morning.)
  • What is the vision you have about your biz? Where do you want to be in 2-5 years?
  • What inspires you most about your business?
  • What values do you believe in?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What feelings do you want to evoke in people?
  • Do you have a story that sets you apart from anyone else in your biz?

I know it's not always easy to collect the answers to these questions, but believe me, it's worth the investment.

Even if you started you biz years ago, it's useful to come back to this from time to time. 

What are your answers? Introduce yourself with a few thoughts in a comment below! (You don't need to go into details if you don't want to.)