Feminine Styled Stock Photos - 19+ Free and Other Resources

Earlier I shared 39 sources for free general stock images here. Now let's see how to be a bit more specific.

Are you like me? I think I can't live without them! They are sooo beautiful, so feminine, so us.

Yes, I adore feminine styled stock photos.

A few years ago they were non-existent, now the internet is full of them. No wonder. They come in so many styles. They tell a lot of different stories. They are like us, women entrepreneurs.

Some of them are flamboyant, full of color. Some of them come with a lot of gold. Some of them are sophisticated. Or minimal with only a little splash of color. Pastel.

Everybody can find the style that matches their business and brand.

In this post I collected 18 resources where you can find feminine styled stock photos. Some of them are free, offered maybe only as a side project, some of them are businesses whose profile is selling these.

18+ Free and Other Feminine Styled Stock Photo Resources - Kreanille Design

1. Rosemary Watson

Rosemary has a styled stock photo library that's accessible with a monthly subscription. Her photos are beautiful, she has desktop photos and other themes. If you subscribe on her website, you get some freebies - she sometimes hides one in her blog posts too. She has 200+ images in the library, the regular subscription is $29, yearly is $299. 20+ new images are added each month.

Free Styled Feminine Stock Images - Rosemary Watson
Styled Stock Images for Women Entrepreneurs - Rosemary Watson

2. A Prettier Web

Mel is a front end developer teaching WordPress. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you get some of her gorgeous styled photos. Here's an example, isn't it beautiful?

Feminine styled stock photos - free and other resources

3. Creative Convex

That's Chaitra. She offers photos with a lot of white and a little splash of color loyal to her slogan: creative minimalism. Subscribe to her newsletter for a monthly pack here.

Feminine styled stock photos - Creative Convex

4. Kreanille Design

Hey, that's me. :) Check out my Resources page for some free mockups - yes, these are not only JPGs but PSDs with smart objects. I also have a beginner's guide on how to use them. Totally free, no subscription needed (some rights reserved). I also have some beautiful photo bundles in my Creative Market shop, if you wanted more.

Free Feminine Styled Stock Images - Kreanille Design

If you want these below (10 images of this gorgeous pink notebook, all high-res), subscribe to my Kreanille Creatives' Club list (you'll get access to other freebies and monthly free images from me).

5. HauteChocolate

Haute Chocolate was established by Rachel, a graphic designer. She has a stock library with almost 500 photos. If you join her hautemail list, you can have some for free, like this fine example.

Feminine styled stock images - Haute Chocolate

6. Shay Cochrane

A professional photographer and the queen of feminine styled photos. She offers brand packages in her Etsy shop as well, and her photos are not at all cheap. If you want a free photo each month, subscribe on her website. (This photo doesn't show her talents, but this is what I got.)

Free feminine styled stock images - Shay Cochrane

7. Diva Gone Domestic

Tara, another graphic designer offers styled stock photos. If you subscribe to her newsletter, you get a free image every month and she sometimes offers a photo on her blog without subscribing. The image below doesn't show her style at all, but this is what I got, so go and check her glamorous style here.

Free styled stock photos - Diva Gone Domestic

8. Kate Maxwell

A huge collection of mostly flamboyant, superfeminine photos (a bit too much for me, but we're not the same :)). Check them out here. (Couldn't find a free access, let me know in a comment if I missed it.)

Free styled stock photos for women entrepreneurs and bloggers - Kate Maxwell

9. Styled by Miss Poppy

Miss Poppy, aka Rachel has a small design studio in Australia. She has beautiful images with a lot of negative space. Couldn't find freebies either. Check out her work here.

Free Stock Photos for Women - Miss Poppy

10. Turquoise and Palm

1200+ images in the Color Stock Library founded by Alli, a professional photographer in Boston. If you subscribe, you get 15 free images every month. She offers images with different themes (e.g. nature, food).

Stock Photo Library - Color Stock - Free images

11. Design Love Shop

DesignLoveShop is by two ladies, Rebecca & Lauren. They offer styled photos with different scenes. Couldn't find a free access to samples, so go and see what the offer on Creative Market.

Styled Stock Photos - Design Love Shop

12. Dear Miss Modern

A lot of colorful, chic images - one free on her page. Go and check out the rest in her shop or on Creative Market.

Feminine Styled Stock Images - Dear Miss Modern

13. Rekita Nicole

Rekita is another graphic designer and brand stylist offering free photos on her blog. Check out this post to see and save the images.

Free styled images - Rekita Nicole

14. Ashley Ella Design

Ashley, a designer and photographer also has free images on her website. She has two blog posts where you can download 10-10 free images:  10 Free Stock Photos and 10 (MORE) Free Stock Photos.

Free Feminine Stock Images - Ashley

15. Happy Soul Studio

Happy Soul Studio offers frame mockups and styled desktop images on Creative Market. No free samples.

Styled Desktop Images - Happy Soul Studio

16. Cliché Mignon

Julie is a web designer, and though her site is in French, photos are photos in every language. :) If you subscribe to her newsletter here, you'll get access to some photos, wallpapers and other freebies.

Free feminine stock images - Cliche Mignon

17. Type and Style

Jill offers a lot of gorgeous frame mockups and styled desktop images in her Creative Market shop. I didn't find access to free images, so go and see her shop here.

Feminine frame mockups and styled desktop images

18. Twiggy Posts

Find another great resource for styled stock photos by Jana on Creative Market. She has a freebie page on her website and just announced on her Insta profile, that she'll have a newsletter sending free photos.

Styled stock photos for social media - Twiggy Posts

19. Ivorymix

Kayla not only offers 54 free feminine styled stock photos and other stock images but also other resources. Sign up to her list here to access her library. She sends out new photos monthly.

Styled feminine stock photos - Ivorymix

20. Wonderfelle

Elle offers 10 gorgeous photos if you subscribe on her site here.

Free feminine styled stock photos

Wondering how you can use styled photos? Check out this post showing you 13+ ways to make a remarkable impression on your followers and readers!

Do you know of other feminine styled stock photo resources? Add them in a comment and I'll update the list!

Happy browsing!