Logo Types - Which is the Best for Your Biz?

Logos are number one priority when starting a small business and designing its brand.

Your logo is usually the first thing your visitor sees, it's on every visual element belonging to your brand: your website, your invoice, your business card, your blog post templates you pin to Pinterest, your products and so on.

Your logo is the condensed essence of your brand and everything that it represents.

For an online biz or blog, it's even more important to have an outstanding logo that visitors remember. So let's see what types there are and which is the most suitable for your blog or biz.

Choose the most suitable logo type for your blog or biz - here's how, click to read!

What logo types do the pros use?

1. Symbol or icon

This logo consists of a simple, usually abstract, stylized graphic. Its simplicity helps one remember, it burns into the memory of your target audience much faster than a complex illustration.

I'm sure you won't have a problem recognizing the logos below.

Logo types - symbol or icon

In some cases, designers choose to attach additional elements to simple logos.


2. Wordmark

Wordmarks consist of only letters, displaying the name of the company or the band. In most cases the font used in the wordmark is custom made.

Logo types - wordmark

3. Lettermark

Lettermarks are similar to wordmarks, but refer to the name of the business in a shorter way (mostly using initials). This is useful if the company has a long name or one that's not so memorable.

Logo types - lettermark

4. Combined mark

Combined marks contain a symbol and wordmark. These belong closely together and unite the advantages of the two logo types. Most of the top brands use this type of logo.
(My logo is a combined mark too - you can read about the reason why I chose the hummingbird as my symbol on my About page.)

In some cases the two parts (the symbol and the wordmark) can be used separately (I also have a variation with only my symbol, that I use on blog post covers).

Logo types - combined mark - logo design

5. Emblem

This logo type contains the text inside a symbol or a shape and the two parts can't be separated. The design often resembles a shield.

As the text is inside the frame provided by the symbol, it's important to make it readable in small sizes as well.

Logo types - logo design - branding - brand identity

Which logo type is the most suitable for your biz?

This depends on several factors:

  • what's the name of your company/brand - you can benefit from using a wordmark if the name of your biz is distinctive and not too long. It's ideal for your starting business if you want to burn the name into the mind of your target audience,
  • how the logo will be displayed on your product or other brand elements - if there isn't much space, an emblem won't be the best choice,
  • what emotions and thoughts you're going to connect to the brand in the mind of your audience - a symbol or a combined mark can be much more expressive than a wordmark, though typography has a personality too,
  • how known and popular your company is - it's not beneficial for a startup or a new company to use a symbol or icon, a combined mark is more recommended.

Which category does your logo belong to? (If you don't have one, which are you going to choose?) Share it in a comment!