How to Create a Media Library in Squarespace

If you're used to WordPress and take the leap and switch to Squarespace like me, you'll miss one thing that's very useful in WP: the media library.

The WordPress media library comes handy when you want to upload a file for download and link it in your newsletter (a content upgrade) or when you want to add a custom code in a widget with an image. You simply copy the link from the media library and you're ready to go.

But how can you do the same in Squarespace? I needed to figure this out as I use the similar custom-code approach with the testimonials on my service pages.

How to create a media library for images & files in Squarespace

Though Squarespace lets you upload files into posts directly - a great feature - it's not helpful if you need the links later to insert them in your newsletter or anywhere else.

To have a permanent URL for a download or an image to embed, it's better to create a media library in Squarespace. I embed images into my testimonials (below) with the HTML code <img src="..."> so I had to find a way.

Here's how you do it.

How to create a media library in Squarespace to get permanent links for downloads or images for embedding

How to create a media library in Squarespace?

  1. Open your admin bar on the left and go to Home >> Pages
  2. Find the 'Not linked' section.
  3. Click on the plus symbol to create a new page.
  4. Choose 'Folder' and name it "Media Library' or 'Assets' (or anything you'd like).

Tadaaa! Our media library folder is ready. :)

Create a media library folder in Squarespace

How to add files to your media library?

To add files to your new media library, do the following:

  1. Click on the '+ Add Page' link under your library folder.
  2. Choose 'Link'.
How to add files to your media library in Squarespace

In the window that pops up, name your file or image, and click to add your URL (don't be mislead, we're going to add your file or image AND create a unique URL for that). Choose 'Files' >> 'New File', then 'Add a file' - upload your image or file, and 'Save'.

Add files and images to a media folder in Squarespace

That's it, we're done. This way you can always find your files or images from the admin menu bar, and easily delete them if needed.

To get the URL, click on the gear icon which appears when you hover over the link name. You'll get something like /s/filename.extension. Don't forget to copy your main site URL in front of that. Now your link is ready to embed in your newsletter or code snippet.

Easy and transparent.

What are you going to upload to your media library? Share it in a comment below!