My Design Process: Branding & Website for a Wedding and Event Planning Company

First, let me tell you a little secret of mine.

Now, that it's trendy, everybody uses gold in their visual identity. Ok, almost everybody.

And I think if it's a little splash of it, it's elegant. If overused, it's not.

So I didn't use gold in this project deliberately - though I wanted something sophisticated and elegant.

Let me show you how I create visual identity through designing for a wedding an event planning company, Cloud 9 Soirée.

1. Research

I always start my project with sending my clients a workbook I created in InDesign. It's interactive, so the client can type in it and save the PDF to send it back to me. Here we dive into mapping the target audience, defining the brand voice, vision, competitors, and other seriousness, which I think is essential to create a brand that resonates with owners and prospects alike.

My Design Process: Branding & Website for a Wedding and Event Planning Company

Then I write a brand document (or brief) with all the essence from the workbook. This is the stage when I also create a mood board and choose the colors for the design. I send this to my client for revision.

Client feedback is an essential part of the design process, so there's constant communication if everything goes well.

Here's the mood board for Cloud 9 Soirée:

Wedding planner branding design process - stage 1: moodboard

2. Designing the logo

When designing a logo, I always aim for simplicity. A logo can't be complicated, it has to work in different sizes, and it has to be memorable.

I send the logo to the client, and if it's needed, I create 3-5 more versions.

This is the logo for Cloud 9 Soirée:

Wedding and Event Planner Company logo

3. Creating the brand board

After creating the logo, I come up with a brand board, which shows the most important visual elements for the brand: the logo, submarks or alternative versions, the color palette, the slogan or manifesto of the brand - if needed, the chosen fonts (typography) and illustrations or patterns created.

Here's the brand board for Cloud 9 Soirée. I already included a photo to use for web design.

Cloud 9 Soirée brand style board by Kreanille Design

4. Creating collaterals

Design usually doesn't stop at the brand board. A business needs marketing materials: a business card, flyers, a thank you card, a Facebook cover and so on.

Using the elements from the brand board, we can create these - and get a cohesive visual identity which leads through all the collaterals.

Cloud 9 Soirée Wedding & Event Planning Company branding logo design

5. Designing the website

Finally, the website comes alive. For Cloud 9 Soirée I dreamed a Squarespace website.

Web design for wedding and event planner company

How do you like it? Would you like something like this for yourself or somebody you know?

Now the good news: Cloud 9 Soirée is for sale. It's a company that doesn't exist yet. I created it as a dream project. You can have the name, the brand identity with four collaterals (business card, thank you card and two other of your choice), the domain and the website for $2000. (I'll set up the site for you with your images and text.)

Get in touch with me here if you're interested or want to work together on branding & web design.