free june wallpaper

Free Wallpaper – Hello June!

It’s hard to believe summer is here and the school year is almost over (here we have two weeks to go).

I’m looking forward to spending more time with the kids, relaxing and also working on some exciting projects. It won’t be easy to do all these together…

To celebrate my favorite time of the year and trying to stay organized, I created a free wallpaper with a calendar.

9 tips for an amazingly productive day

9 Tips for an Amazingly Productive Day

As women entrepreneurs, we balance our roles as businesswomen, mothers, wives or partners, and human beings.

We can work from an office or from home, but have to take one thing seriously or our business can easily become a hobby: our time.

Even if you love what you do, you have to set barriers for yourself or your whole day can be spent on social media and with other activities that suck your time away.

These tips can help you achieve a mood and state that make you energetic and highly productive at the same time.

7 ways to make your blog easily readable

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Easily Readable

Millions of people use blogs to share their thoughts, get closer to their audience, establish their expertise and even sell.

If you are a fempreneur, you want to stand out from this noise with valuable content and a design that makes your blog easily readable.

What should you consider to achieve a clean look that sticks your reader to the screen?

Here are 7 tips to help you.

how to enable rich pins on squarespace

How to Enable Rich Pins on Squarespace

If you want to play the Pinterest game, you know you should enable rich pins.

You have a Squarespace website.

Type in Google: “squarespace rich pins”. And…

You’ll have tons of answers saying “put this code here and there”.

You stand confused. Where? What?

I have good news for you: you don’t need to insert any code anywhere.

Enabling rich pins on Squarespace is easy.

So here’s how you do it.

brand reveal: my mom's a hippie

Brand Reveal: My Mom’s a Hippie

Sometimes you get really lucky. God smiles on you. You align with the vibes of the Universe. (Delete as applicable.)

This is how I got this project.

I’m still amazed by how two people with so similar thinking could find each other from two distant parts of the world.

Amy wanted a logo for her new blog where she wants to write about essential oils and natural products.

A few days earlier I used essential oils to cure my son.

Was it an accident? Still don’t know. But I loved working on this project.

3 ways for a tweet this quote on Squarespace

3 Ways to Have a ‘Tweet This’ Quote on Your Squarespace Website

You’ve written another amazing blog post, and you’ve heard it’s nice to have a ‘Tweet This’ quote in it.


This way you can ask your visitors to take a further step. A call-to-action (CTA) asks them to share your content, which is good for your credibility and SEO.

You both (the author and the visitor sharing valuable content) can benefit from it.

If you are a WordPress user, you have an easy way: install a tweet-this plugin.

But what can you do if you have a Squarespace blog?

In this post, you can read about three ways to insert a ‘Tweet This’ quote on your Squarespace website.

7 logo mistakes to avoid

7 Logo Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Do you have a logo? I hope you answer with a big fat yes.

Whether it’s your small business or blog, you should have one.

But it’s important what it’s like. I’ve seen so many mistakes. So many attempts.

When you start your biz or your blog, you know you need to come up with a logo, and maybe you can’t afford to hire a professional designer.

So let’s dive into logo design, what mistakes you can make – and of course how you can avoid these.

3 types of free

Three Types of FREE – How to Use Freebies to Elevate Your Brand & Sell More

Free. Doesn’t cost anything. Apparently.

Since Chris Anderson’s book, Free, we know that a lot of businesses today build their castle upon giving away free material. For baby boomers, his summary seemed nonsense first – they grew up in a world where nothing was free. For younger people getting free stuff seems natural.

I don’t want to outdo him in this post, rather give concrete tips to women entrepreneurs who have a website and want to build a solid base for their business online.

Giving something free for the sake of giving is good.

If you have a small biz or if you’re a fempreneur, giving something free to your visitors on your website is a must.

And you don’t really do it for the sake of giving.

I’m sorry to say this, but free is rarely free on the Internet. You always pay somehow.

As a fempreneur, you have to use the power of FREE.

Let’s see how.

free feminine styled stock images

Feminine Styled Stock Photos – 19+ Free and Other Resources

Earlier I shared 39 sources for free general stock images here. Now let’s see where we can be a bit more specific.

Are you like me? I think I can’t live without them! They are sooo beautiful, so feminine, so us.

Yes, I adore feminine styled stock photos.

A few years ago they were non-existent, now the internet is full of them. No wonder. They come in so many styles. They tell a lot of different stories. They are like us, women entrepreneurs.

Some of them are flamboyant, full of color. Some of them come with a lot of gold. Some of them are sophisticated. Or minimal with only a little splash of color. Pastel.

Everybody can find the style that matches their business and brand.

In this post I collected 18 resources where you can find feminine styled stock photos. Some of them are free, offered maybe only as a side project, some of them are businesses whose profile is selling these.