design process: branding and website

My Design Process: Branding & Website for a Wedding and Event Planning Company

First, let me tell you a little secret of mine.

Now, that it’s trendy, everybody uses gold in their visual identity. Ok, almost everybody.

And I think if it’s a little splash of it, it’s elegant. If overused, it’s not.

So I didn’t use gold in this project deliberately – though I wanted something sophisticated and elegant.

Let me show you how I create visual identity through designing for a wedding an event planning company, Cloud 9 Soirée.

the key to small biz success

On Algorithm Changes and the Key to Small Biz Success

When you start an online business, it’s hard as shit.

You must do so many things.

Writing posts. Designing your blog. Creating new products. Making connections. Spreading the news on social media.

Nowadays everybody keeps panicking, did you realize?

Instagram announced planning to change its algorithm.

They won’t show images chronologically but based on engagements and relevancy. The result?

A storm of complaints and petitions. Asking followers to switch on notifications. (Do you really want to get noticed of new images in every 5 minutes?)

On Pinterest, you can’t see the results of your pins, only the total counts. How are you going to delete the pins that are not doing so well? God, what’s gonna happen?

Believe me, when I tell you: nothing. We’re gonna survive.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the online biz world for more than 10 years now.

I’ve seen the rise and fall of social sites (MySpace, who remembers?), the rise of email marketing (fortunately, it’s still here), a lot of Google algorithm changes (they could fill a zoo), SEO changes, the rise of CMS systems, webinars and online videos, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, responsive websites and other web design trends, content marketing, copycats – shall I go on?

Do you know what’s important? Do you know how to survive in the online world?

tools to choose the right colors for your brand

Free and Easy Tools to Do Your Colors Right

When it comes to designing a brand, colors play an essential part. The colors you choose have a huge impact on your brand as a whole.

Many business owners and bloggers choose their colors based on their own taste. What a mistake!

If you want to throw away one of the most important tools in your design arsenal, then choose what you like.

If you want to be smart, go a little deeper.

Use the power of color psychology. If you want to sell more and have a thoughtfully designed brand, choose wisely.

In this post I’ll tell you how and I’ll show you some free and easy tools to help you with this fun experiment.

the ultimate guide to building trust on your website

The Ultimate Guide to Building Trust on Your Website

I know it’s not easy to start an online biz. You have to pay attention to so many things: build your brand, your website, create products and promote yourself on social media.

When you plan your blog or website, it’s essential to focus on building your long-term reputation and outline and use the tools you can build trust with.

You’ll earn more if people trust you.

In this post I listed 30 tips to enhance your online credibility.

Disclaimer: you might not be able to use all of them right from the start – make sure you rethink what you can do to build trust on your website and grow your arsenal of tools.

Who Owns Your Website?

Story 1

A web designer friend of mine told me this horror story: she took up a new client and when she wanted to access the website to do the redesign she was hired for, she couldn’t.

She spent two days trying to figure out how to log into the back end when it turned out that the designer who initially created the site wouldn’t give her access.

She was shocked and frustrated – and so was the so-called owner of the site. Sucks, right?

Story 2

When I was hired to redesign a site last year, I was similarly up the wall when I saw that everything – the domain, the hosting, and the CMS – was owned by the designer who created the site.

I had to start with “freeing” everything and making sure everything belongs to the rightful owner, by hiring a new host and transfer the domain (fortunately this designer was willing to co-operate).

What can you do to avoid this deadly mistake and be the owner of your website?

branding basics - who are you - questions to start

Branding Basics #1: Who Are You?

Branding. When hearing this word, most people think of a logo. What a mistake!

A logo is only a tiny piece in your brand. Your brand means much more: a promise to your customers and the expectations they have about you. It’s all the experiences people have in connection with you, it’s the value you provide.

When creating or asking someone to create your visual identity (which of course can shape your branding), it’s utterly important to know who you are in business. Most new business owners skip this step and don’t go into details deep enough.

If you want a significant business and visual identity that really reflects you, take your time and collect your thoughts about who your are and why you are unique.

Here are some questions to help you:

free images for fempreneurs

Free Images for Fempreneurs: the Best 39 Websites to Download Breathtaking Photos

You’ve heard the blogging kings and queens say: using your own professional photos on your website is the best.

But sometimes you don’t have a photo with the right theme that fits your blog post. Or you need something different for your ebook or course.

That’s when you go and find (free) stock photos on the internet.

Don’t worry, everybody uses stock photos.

Just make sure you go to the quality sites and choose the right, high quality photos.

And forget about the weird stock photos with business people in suit.

In this post I’ve collected 39 sites that have breathtaking free photos. (Click on the site name after each number to go to the site.)

7 Remarkable Things a Fempreneur Can Learn from the Oscar-winner Director of a Small-budget Hungarian Movie

After 35 years a Hungarian film, Son of Saul won the Oscar again at the 2016 Academy Awards, in the category of Foreign Language Film. It’s the first film of a young director, Laszlo Nemes Jeles.

Following the team’s journey in the past months, it must have been a ride. The Oscar is only the icing on the cake. 41 other awards and 37 nominations – and the movie was created from an estimated budget of about $100 000.

How did they do it?

What can you, as a fempreneur learn from the team, especially the director?

fast loading images - website speed

How to Have Fast Loading Images on Your Website

Now you’re asking why is it important to have fast loading images on your website.

Let me tell you why it’s essential today to optimize your photos for the web.

Yep, it’s important when more and more people use their mobile to browse their favorite sites.

Today it’s natural that you upload big, beautiful photos to your blog posts, your portfolio site or shop.

High quality photos can be huuuuge considering data size – thus making your site load sloooowly in the browser.

A site loading slowly in the browser? Visitors that never come back.

How to optimize your photos? Read on – it’s easy!