Powerful Tips From 3 Ladies To Level Up Your Instagram Game

Selfies, photos of your kids, food you eat, your new dress, the place where you have been, your pet. This is what most people post on Instagram. (Hope I haven't missed anything. :))

However, if you are a woman entrepreneur, you need to think your Instagram game over. If you're struggling with how to utilize IG to promote your biz and find your target audience, here are tips from 3 ladies who do it more than right and are worth learning from.

Powerful Tips From 3 Ladies to Level Up Your Instagram Game

Yeah, I've been there too. If you check out my Instagram feed, the point where I changed my strategy is clear. I didn't start a new account for my business, so I had a few followers, but I was clearly on the beginner level. This is my actual Instagram feed below. If you click through and scroll down, you can see my "level-up".

How to Do Instagram the Right Way?

There are 3 ladies who helped me switch - three Instagram or social media queens worth following. They might not be the only ones, I know there are others out there too - they helped me along the way - maybe they can help you too. :) Here's my list (click on the names to visit their website):

1. Alex Tooby

Alex is the owner of @menandcoffe which boasts +367k followers. Her free course, Instagram Authority was a real game-changer for me and the first encounter with using Instagram to promote your biz.

Men & Coffee Instagram Account by Aley Tooby

Signing up to Instagram Authority you'll learn how to write a killer Instagram bio and use a CTA in it, how to curate the images you post to your feed, how to have a theme and why that matters, how to use hashtags to find the right followers, how to promote your biz without being sales-y, and how to infuse personality into your brand (yes, being you is still important despite being strategic!).

Alex also has a Facebook group with helpful people and some other great paid courses for those who want to go deeper and learn more.

If you want to absorb one lesson from her, this is it: you CAN use your Instagram account to earn money. Read about how she does it:

Practical Ways to Make Money on Instagram Plus How I Monetized My @menandcoffee Following of 350k

2. Elle Drouin

Elle of Wonderfelle.com is a New York-based content marketing strategist. Besides her own feed, Elle started a new one for her oh-so-cute dog, @mochiandthecity, which is followed by 59,3k people when I'm writing these words.

@monchiandthecity Instagram feed - how to use Instagram to monetize your brand

Elle has a great free guide on hashtags and a free Instagram course (click on here name above to reach these) and some amazing blog posts that can help you using Instagram for your benefit:

10 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following
4 Elements of An Effective Instagram Content Plan
How to get more engagement on Instagram

3. Caitlin Bacher

Caitlin is a social media strategist with 16.5k followers on Instagram and a beautiful example of how to have a branded theme on IG.

Be successful on Instagram - Caitlin Bacher's Instagram feed

Caitlin has some amazing blog posts about Instagram (and a lot of others on other social media). Make sure you follow her if you want to grow the number of your SM followers and step up your Instagram game!

She has a series of blog post interviews with women entrepreneurs on how they use Instagram - a great way to learn from each other and think outside the box!  Here are a few examples of her tips:

What’s Your Instagram Strategy? | Abacus Row
How To Make The 2016 Instagram Algorithm Changes Work For Your Business
How To Host A Profitable Instagram Loop Giveaway

Ready to start? Here are my Instagram tips:

1. Resist the temptation to post anything and everything

No more selfies (ok, sometimes on Friday). No more useless, dark, blurry images. If your business has nothing to do with kids, then pics of your kids sparingly. A pic of what you're eating maybe once a week - you get it, I'm sure. There are a lot of amazing images out there - and shhh, you don't need to post your own pics all the time. (Here's my post on how to use styled stock photos for social media.)

2. Craft a killer bio

Make it clear who you are and who you support with your biz. Add you website link - this is the only link on Insta that works (yes, don't worry if the link in your posts won't work, this is how IG goes). Add a CTA too (call to action)!

3. Choose a theme

Use your brand colors. Create patterns (eg. one quote, one normal pic). Take pics or choose stock photos that match your brand. As Instagram is a visual platform, your images and theme should be pleasing to the eye.

I try to post images with quite a lot of white space (which isn't necessarily white but an empty space) and a lot of the color white. I didn't manage to go stricter with my theme yet though.

4. Leverage hashtags

Look up some hashtags (in my experience you can use max. 25) to use with your pics. Make sure you choose the ones which are relevant to your target audience, try to think with their mind!

5. Help and promote

You know, when somebody goes "buy, buy, buy from me", that's not helpful for their followers. Create a healthy proportion of helpful, valuable posts (teach your audience), personal posts and promo posts (share your work, blog posts or launches).

Post at least once a day (you can do more than that but not too often, maybe 3-4 times with breaks in between).

6. Connect with your followers

Answer comments, follow back, build connections - this is what true social media is about.

What are you taking home today? Which tip are you going to use? Share it in a comment below!

To your amazing Instagram feed!