Want a Profitable Website? Don't Miss the First Key Step

You know that to achieve your dream and the financial freedom you deserve, it's essential to have a website or a blog to reach your potential customers.

You know it should be something that stands out from the noise. Something that's special and appealing.

And then you feel this whole business thing is getting overwhelming.

You don't have time to deal with all the areas building your venture involves.

I know the feeling too.

I hate to say this: take some time to think about what I write about here - you choose success if you do so (or you can choose failure if you miss it).

The key step for building a profitable website - download the free workbook to do planning right

Sit down for a couple of hours and prepare a notebook or download the worksheet at the bottom of this post, and think over some key questions about your business and your website (as it's going to be the HQ of your business).

The first step to start building an online empire

It's not about technology. It's not about the platform your website runs on (your visitors won't be interested if it's Wordpress or Joomla or Spacesquare).

It's not about hosting (though unreliable hosting can hinder your success).

It's not about design (that little devil in my designer mind shouts out loud: BUT YES! BUT YES! - Okay, you're partly right, bad design can be a reason for failure, but it's still not the most important first step to consider).

It's building STRATEGY.

If you want a profitable website, start with mapping out your strategy.

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What is strategy on the web?

Your online strategy should have three key points.

Consider these and take notes or draw a mind map about each (or download the free workbook at the bottom of the post):

  1. Visitors: how are you going to get visitors and who are they going to be?
  2. How are you going to generate leads (people who follow you and become your possible customers)?
  3. How are you going to make them trust you even if they don't convert?

1. Visitors

Before getting down to pixels and bytes, you should answer questions about your target market.

Who do you want your ideal visitors to be?

Where do they live?

How old are they?

What's their job?

Where can you find them on the web?

What are their questions and problems they want to find an answer or a solution for?

ByRegina - she knows her target market

Meet Regina. If you click on her website, you know right away if you are at the right place or not.

Are you and infopreneur? Are you a blogger?

Then check out her amazing collection of resources, answers and solutions.

She did her lesson on visitors. She's a hero.


What can you do to make your visitors sign up, ask for an offer or buy your products?

What valuable content can you offer to them?

Can you create useful worksheets, ebooks, blog posts?

Can you send them engaging newsletters?

pinch of yum newsletter

Pinch of Yum is a food blog by Lindsay.

The first thing you meet on her site is the opportunity to subscribe for a free eCookbook.

How can you be sure you get value?

Just look at the content and images on her site.

She also offers advice on starting a food blog and earn money from blogging. Yum!

3. Building trust and relationships

I bet everybody who pays a visit to your site won't become a lead or a customer.

But they might remember your epic content, unique images and your trustworthy brand and become a follower on social media.

To keep them followers, get in touch with them.

Answer comments on your blog and other platforms, reply to emails.

Show you're a real person. And don't forget to create a trustworthy website!

communication with followers


This is the Insta page of Super Simple Learning, a group of teachers of English as a second language, helping other early language teachers with songs, worksheets and videos.

I just love how they reach out to followers. They always have a nice comment to everyone.


Are you ready for some planning?

Now you know planning is essential.

I created a little something for you to help collect your thoughts: a free interactive pdf workbook with a lot of questions for brainstorming about your new website (and also some ideas!).

You can grab your copy by subscribing to the Kreanilla VIP list.

The Creative Fempreneur's Website Strategy Workbook
The Creative Fempreneur's Website Strategy Workbook spread

Happy planning!


P.S. Let me know how you got on with brainstorming and planning using the workbook.